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Drinks good for your smile in Hampton, Va. If you would like to learn more about the risks and benefits of some drinks, Please call LeJeune Family Dentistry at (757) 827-9114You probably know that some drinks are bad for your teeth, but did you know that others can actually help you fight off gum disease and tooth decay? Do you know which drinks are good for your smile and which aren’t? If not, please read on!

Would you be surprised to see that milk is one drink that is good for your smile? When you hear that, do you automatically think calcium making your teeth stronger? Granted, calcium can strengthen your teeth, but this is arguably not the biggest benefit milk offers. Milk can also negate the acids in your mouth, meaning it will fight against tooth decay.

Water is another healthy drink. In fact, water and milk share many of the same benefits, but water often contains fluoride. Fluoride is also useful for restoring and strengthening your teeth.

Finally, unsweetened tea can help you fight bacteria, prevent plaque formation, and keep your gums healthy. Sadly, if you add sweeteners to your tea, you’ll miss out on many of these benefits.

Conversely, did you know that coffee can stain your teeth? Fortunately, adding milk can reduce the staining. Similarly, while wine can be good for your heart, it can also stain your teeth—especially if you choose red wine. However, it can also protect you from gum disease. Similarly, the acids of dark sodas can wear down enamel and promote tooth decay. To make matters worse, if you drink soda cold, your teeth will be more porous, leaving your teeth more susceptible to staining.

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