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Dry socket, in Hampton, Va. If you do develop dry socket, immediately contact LeJeune Family Dentistry at (757) 827-9114When you have a tooth pulled, Dr. Barry LeJeune provides you with an arsenal of information on how to properly care for your mouth while it heals. It’s important to be careful following a tooth extraction to prevent dry socket, a condition that develops when the blood clot covering the root area dissolves or is dislodged. While rare, dry socket is the most common issue of tooth extraction and causes both pain and infection.

The best way to prevent dry socket is to follow carefully the post-extraction instructions provided by Dr. Barry LeJeune, which are designed to keep your mouth healthy and speed up the healing process. For example, following the procedure, your mouth will be tender and the blood clot still forming, so it’s important to be extra careful in your dental care. Brush and floss gently, avoiding the extraction site and surrounding teeth. Likewise, when you rinse your mouth, don’t do so vigorously. Avoid drinking from a straw, smoking or using oral products that could irritate the extraction site or cause infection.

Dry socket isn’t always avoidable, even with the best dental care. If you do develop dry socket, immediately contact LeJeune Family Dentistry at (757) 827-9114 to learn the best treatment options. Dr. Barry LeJeune will prescribed a dressing or pain medication to help the socket heal comfortably.

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