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Are you afraid to smile because you’re missing some or all of your teeth? Dentures could be right for you! Read about complete and partial dentures below if you’re ready to smile wide again.


When people hear “dentures,” their first thoughts are usually of complete dentures, which replace all teeth. Complete dentures can come in conventional and immediate styles depending on how soon you want to have teeth again. Conventional complete dentures will replace teeth 60–90 days after all teeth have been removed so that gums can heal, but they don’t require any frequent adjusting. Immediate complete dentures, though, are ready immediately after teeth removal, but they require regular professional adjustments since gums and bones move during setting.


Partial dentures, in contrast to complete dentures, are made to substitute for only some of the wearer’s natural teeth. Bridges of partial dentures contain mock teeth in spots corresponding to the wearer’s missing teeth and are fixed in the mouth using latches that clasp to the wearer’s original teeth or crowns on teeth. Partial dentures could be the right fit for you, but if your remaining teeth are badly decayed, then Dr. Barry LeJeune may suggest removing your teeth and opting for complete dentures.

There are many reasons why people lose teeth: poor oral hygiene, infrequent dental visits, physical accidents, tobacco use, acid reflux, high blood pressure, advanced age, and more. If you have lost any of your natural teeth, then complete or partial dentures might be the right choice for you. Phone our practice, LeJeune Family Dentistry, in Hampton, Virginia, at (757) 827-9114 to make an appointment now.

Complete and partial dentures you can smile again, with LeJeune Dentistry in Hampton, VA