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Dental bridges in Hampton, VA. Visit us LeJeune Family Dentistry’s for more information or to schedule an appointment.Dental bridges are the perfect solution to replace that missing tooth or teeth. They can not only restore missing teeth but correct the alignment in your bite and fill in the space causing your cheek tissue to sink in. Installing a bridge will help improve not only your comfort but your speaking and eating as well. Here at LeJeune Family Dentistry in Hampton, Virginia, our dental professionals want to help you get your best and most comfortable smile today.

The process to have a bridge installed may seem intimidating, but it will greatly improve your lifestyle and comfort. Meeting with your dentist to determine what treatment is best for you is the first step. Different options include traditional (crowns connected to both surrounding teeth), cantilever (artificial tooth connected to a crown), or a Maryland (artificial tooth bonded to surrounding teeth).

Your dentist will then prepare the area by injecting a local anesthetic and reshaping the surrounding teeth that will support the bridge. An impression is then made and sent into a laboratory to be made and sent back. Your dentist may place a temporary bridge until it arrives.

After your new bridge arrives, your dentist will install it, and have you come for a checkup to ensure its comfortability and fit is best suited for you. Give Dr. Barry LeJeune and our dental associates a call at (757) 827-9114 today for a consultation or appointment. Let a bridge better your smile today!