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At Lejeune Family Dentistry, we know that life can become very hectic. Multi – tasking has become a way of life, not just for the CEO of a company but for the average working Mom, handling babysitting on the phone on her way to work, the average business executive working extra hours to have a decent life style for himself and his family. Often, this can lead to developing habits which make life easier or more convenient for us. This can mean fast foods and high carb snacks. However, we want to ensure that all of your habits will benefit your oral health, instead of hurting it. We know that nobody wants to spend more time in the dental chair than they need to.

A “9-5 schedule” rarely means leaving the office at that hour, and can involve happy hours with co -workers as well to keep up good rapport. For Hampton residents there is no exception to this rule! Although it is important to enjoy and socialize with coworkers from time to time, it is important to carefully consider what drinks you are ordering. Most alcoholic beverages, especially red wine and sugary cocktails, will stain the teeth and cause decay and cavities to develop. It is important to drink water in between beverages, to wash away as much excess sugar as possible from the enamel.

Do you have carbonated beverages when you are on the go? Try switching to sparkling water with fresh fruit. Enriching your club soda with anything from limes to cucumbers can make it quite delicious! You will be cutting unnecessary calories from your diet as well, as each soda can be up to 150 calories per serving.

Le Jeune Dentistry can advise you on what foods assist whiter teethMany of us crave a mid-afternoon snack, often one that consists of chocolate or candy. Studies show that between 2 and 3pm, we begin to feel fatigue and our bodies crave something to keep us awake and on the move. Many turn to a chocolate bar, but a fiber or protein filled snack such as a banana or almonds are a much healthier option, both for your waistline and your teeth!

When you visit Dr Lejeune you can receive a teeth whitening procedure to assist you in creating the smile you always wanted, while you are also working to maintain it with healthier eating. Even if you cant always do that we can make your smile whiter anyway!) Call today: 757-827-9114