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LeJeune Dentistry can help with knocked out teethYou send your child outside to play. A short time later she comes running back in, crying and bleeding from the mouth. A permanent tooth has been knocked out. What do you do next?
Below are some instructions for saving a child’s tooth that have been provided by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Dental Association.

Step 1: Recover the tooth. Time is important.

Step 2: Handle with care. Do not to touch the root of the tooh. Instead handle it by the crown which is the whitish part of the tooth.

Step 3: Gently rinse any debris from the tooth with cool water.

Step 4: The best place for the tooth is the socket where it can start reconnecting to the tissues immediately. Place it back in the socket if you can.

Step 5: If the injury is so severe that you cannot firmly put the tooth back, or you are simply uncomfortable with doing so, there is still some time. Place the tooth in a small container of milk.

Step 6: Call your dentist or the closest hospital emergency room, and take your child and the tooth in for treatment .

If your child has had a tooth accidentally knocked out, call our dentist, Dr. Barry LeJeune immediately. Please call (757) 827-9114 in Hampton, Virginia to make an emergency appointment at LeJeune Family Dentistry.