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Halitosis Treatment & PreventionYour ideal smile often depends on giving your teeth and gums their best chance of success. This includes dealing with medical conditions. One common oral health problem is halitosis, also referred to as bad breath. Bad breath refers to foul odors emanating from your mouth. This can be caused by unhealthy lifestyle habits, poor oral hygiene, underlying physical health ailments or the consumption of smelly foods.

Unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking and chewing tobacco are known risk factors for bad breath. In addition, they can cause several other oral health problems including infections and tooth loss. So, you should consider quitting tobacco and any other unhealthy habits.
However, if you are suffering from bad breath, you need to make sure you visit your dentist to determine if it is the result of an oral health problem. Poor oral hygiene which includes failing to clean your teeth and plaque build-up is are known risk factors for bad breath. You should always take care of your smile including brushing and flossing your teeth and gums as well as cleaning your tongue.

Bad breath can also be linked to physical health ailments like respiratory tract infections or liver and kidney issues. To treat these problems, you will need to visit a doctor, and ask have the doctor consult with your dentist.

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