Healthier Habits Lead to Better Teeth

At Lejeune Family Dentistry, we know that life can become very hectic. Multi – tasking has become a way of life, not just for the CEO of a company but for the average working Mom, handling babysitting on the phone on her way to work, the average business executive working extra hours to have a… Read more »

How Dental Bridges Work

Dental bridges are the perfect solution to replace that missing tooth or teeth. They can not only restore missing teeth but correct the alignment in your bite and fill in the space causing your cheek tissue to sink in. Installing a bridge will help improve not only your comfort but your speaking and eating as… Read more »

Are Dental Veneers Right for Me?

If you are interested in improving your smile, there are many ways that can help your do just that. One way is through dental veneers. A veneer is a very thin shell designed to cover the front of your teeth. Dr. LeJeune may suggest a veneer for teeth that are discolored, worn down, chipped or… Read more »

Avoid Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Risks with These Helpful Tips

If your child is suffering from dental damage, it is usually in the form of baby bottle tooth decay. It is often called this because sugary drinks are often the most common cause of dental erosion in children. Avoid baby bottle tooth decay risks with these helpful tips: – Honey or other sweet substances should… Read more »

Are You Protecting Your Smile with Oral Cancer Screenings?

Are you protecting your smile with oral cancer screenings? This year in America alone, over 42,000 people will be diagnosed and treated for the disease. As with all cancers, the best chance of recovery often depends on early detection. Listed below are a few of the most commonly found symptoms of oral cancer: – Check… Read more »

Smile Wide Again with Complete or Partial Dentures

Are you afraid to smile because you’re missing some or all of your teeth? Dentures could be right for you! Read about complete and partial dentures below if you’re ready to smile wide again. COMPLETE DENTURES When people hear “dentures,” their first thoughts are usually of complete dentures, which replace all teeth. Complete dentures can… Read more »

What We Eat Influences Our Oral Health

What we eat influences our oral health. You could be putting your teeth at an increased risk of harm based on what you eat. Many foods can speed up the rate at which tooth decay can occur, while some can cause oral accidents or injuries to occur, and others can be so acidic that they… Read more »

Don’t Let Cavities Crush Your Oral Health Care Dreams

Don’t let cavities crush your oral health care dreams. If you are not careful, cavities can sneak up on your oral hygiene and leave you with damaged teeth that are exposed to infections and potential tooth loss. Cavities are holes in your teeth that have reached the tooth enamel and put your entire mouth at… Read more »

Safety is Important When Removing Food Stuck Between Your Teeth

Getting a meat fiber, popcorn hull or stray sesame seed stuck between two of your teeth is rarely a cause for concern. At most it usually only causes moderate discomfort. Many times, the offending food particle can be loosened by your tongue or a quick swish of your beverage. There are some rarer instances when… Read more »

Got a Dental Implant? Here’s How to Take Care of It

A dental implant is a strong, reliable replacement tooth that can replace the function and appearance of your missing tooth for many years. However, that’s only the case if you do all you can to keep your implant in top-notch condition. To help you do so, Dr. and our dental team encourage you to do… Read more »